GOOD STUFF! This book contains great insight and revelation. It’s a very good practical piece, for anyone at any stage of relationship. I thought it very thorough!I believe this book will be a liberator. Certainly thought-provoking! Bishop Terrell L. MurphySenior PastorNew Birth-CharlotteRudolph J. McEwan otherwise known as (R.J.) was born in the city of Ottawa to Bishop R.L and Maudlin McEwan, who founded the first apostolic ministry of Emmanuel Apostolic Church. It was there that he developed a personal relationship with God. However it wasn’t until the age of 16 that he heeded the voice of the Lord to be His ministering servant. In this capacity, the Lord has taken him throughout Canada, the United States and Africa.

Pastor McEwan graduated with a degree in Social Services. He applied his knowledge as a Youth and Child Care Worker striving to help disadvantaged youth to see that they are not just created for tomorrow but that they have a purpose that is relevant for today. Singer, musician, composer and author, Pastor McEwan exudes contagious energy. With a transparent and down to earth style of communication he intends to spread the message of the Kingdom of God within the seats of government and around the world.

A former Educational Assistant with the Ottawa Carleton Catholic School Board (OCCSB), and former pastor at Rhema Christian Ministries Ottawa a non-denominational, multi-ethnic Kingdom ministry founded in Toronto Canada by Pastor Orim Meikle with a mandate to “Change and Affect Lives”, Pastor R.J. McEwan is currently serving full time as Chief Evangelist at McEwan Ministries. As a husband, father, educator, mentor and spiritual coach, his integrity has earned him a reputation that is unmatched in various parts of the world.