Without Borders Network Registration

Our purpose serves to bridge great leaders together to REACH, READY & RELEASE leaders into their lives’ purpose. While supporting ministries, businesses and leaders, our objectives are to

REACH leaders of all walks of life, uniting them in trusting environments that foster lasting relationships.

READY leaders to serve by providing educational services, best practices and resources catered to their personal development.

RELEASE leaders to launch their gifts by providing full peer support, apostolic covering, ministry ordinations and licensing

WBN Services Provides 

o   Intercessory Prayer Support

o   Mentorship & Coaching Services

o   Counselling Services

o   Grants & Financial Aid

o   WB Networking Portal

o   Apostolic Covering in affiliation with REACH Fellowship of Churches

Why Do This?

Overcome Isolation – No one individual stands or succeeds alone.

Develop the Gift Within – There is no self-awareness without learning.

Affirm the Calling – You have a God-given right to self-actualize and walk in your purpose!

The Without Borders Network recognizes the interconnectedness of gifts that causes leaders to flourish.