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Loretta McEwan


Lady Loretta Naomi McEwan was born in Toronto to parents Pastor and First Lady Floyd and Evette Henry. She became a born again believer at the tender age of six under the powerful ministry of Bishop F.H. Davy. At Rehoboth Apostolic Ark Ministries, under the pastorate of Bishop K. Barnwell, Lady McEwan soon realized her God-given purpose to be a leading lady. She began her service in the Kingdom by leading praise and worship, directing choirs, teaching Sunday school and faithfully performing custodial duties at her local church. Her service to others taught her humility and servanthood.

Lady McEwan is a graduate from Seneca College in Toronto in the area of Executive Office Administration. Because of her professional skills and love for children, she became an entrepreneur and owner of NylaKare Academy — a daycare facility dedicated to providing children with the necessary tools required to help them learn and grow.

Lady Loretta McEwan served faithfully alongside her husband at Rhema Christian Ministries -Ottawa Campus; a non-denominational, multi-ethnic ministry, for ten years. Throughout those years she lived out the mission to ‘change and affect lives’ and continues to do so. It was there that she developed into the preacher, teacher, and leader that she is today. In 2014, the Lord called her to a higher level of ministry, following which, she received ordination as Elder. Lady McEwan is known for her persistence, loyalty, no-nonsense attitude and hard work in the service of the Kingdom.

Now, in 2016, Lady McEwan has stepped into another level of ministry alongside her husband, the founder of McEwan Ministries. “Together We Soar” has become the central vision of McEwan Ministries, as it is a revival centered ministry that desires to see others live their best lives, and to help others know and walk out their divine purpose in order to advance God’s Kingdom.

In addition, Lady McEwan’s primary focus and agenda is all about souls. She desires that all women realize exactly who they are in God and boldly walk in their purpose. By the Spirit of God, and the gift of discernment, many women have been healed both spiritually and emotionally under her ministry. Her down-to-earth, real talk approach to the Word has earned her the respect and honour by those she mentors. Lady McEwan is a force to be reckoned with; blessed and highly favoured by God to advance God’s Kingdom throughout the world.

In 2003, that Lady McEwan married the love of her life, and best friend; Pastor R.J. McEwan. Lady and Pastor McEwan are proud parents of two beautiful girls; Nyla Kathryn and Prestige Joelle. They live in Ottawa, Canada.