about mcewan ministries

R.J. McEwan


Pastor Rudolph A. McEwan, also known as R.J. was born in Ottawa, Canada to parents Bishop Rudolph L. McEwan and Maudlin McEwan. In 1969, his parents founded the first apostolic ministry in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, Emmanuel Apostolic Church. It was at this ministry that Rudolph McEwan gave his heart to the Lord at the age of nine and was filled with the holy spirit at the age of twelve. At the age of sixteen, he obeyed God’s voice to become His ministering servant and began to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Advancing as both a youth pastor and minister of music over the course of ten years, Pastor McEwan was appointed the Western-New York and Canada Youth President of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC) in 1999. His assignment covered over twenty church youth ministries. Pastor McEwan has traveled throughout Canada, United States, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean preaching, mentoring and making disciples—helping individuals fulfill their God-given purpose in the Kingdom.

In 2016, Pastor McEwan founded and officially launched McEwan Ministries. McEwan Ministries is a revival centered ministry that desires to see others live their best lives by knowing and walking out their divine purpose in order to advance God’s Kingdom. With a mandate to empower people to live out a true spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ, McEwan Ministries provides spiritual and practical empowerment through evangelism, life coaching, mentoring and music arts.

The vision is simple – Together We Soar